Component Parts

Ralphs-Pugh roller components are custom molded or fabricated at our facility insuring the highest quality possible. With complete control of design and a long-term commitment to the material handling industry, these products will enhance your roller performance. All materials are FDA approved to meet today's stringent requirements. Unique two piece bushing/endplug combinations allow for economical replacement of bushings only rather than the entire endplug. We also custom manufacture for special requirements.



  • Acetal plastic: "Ultra Blue" with teflon additives - *Our best material*
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic - UHMW
  • Acetal Plastic - Light Blue Color
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Styles Available:

  • Standard Duty - Thru hole and blind hole - " to "
  • Heavy Duty - Thru hole and blind hole - " to "
  • Heavy Duty Grading and Inspection (GIR) - blind hole - 7/16" to "


  • Self Lubricating
  • Replaceable
  • Lead chamfer for easy installation


Metal tube diameters: 1" to 3"

Plastic tubes: .84" to 4.5"


  • ABS plastic


  • Lead chamfer for easy installation
  • Tight tolerances ensuring proper fit
  • Ensured concentricity for true running rollers

Plastic Tubing


  • "Hi-Impact" White PVC with impact modifiers for added shock resistance and Special Ultra Violet (UV) stabilizers - 1.9", 2.375", 2.875"
  • Dark gray PVC - 1.9", 3.5"


  • Custom extruded for very tight tolerances assuring inside diameters


Bushing Adapters (1/2", 9/16" and 5/8") and Cap Screws (5/16-18 x " long)

  • Highest quality stainless steel for long life and exceptional corrosion resistance
  • FDA approved for food industry

Contact Customer Service for a detailed catalog
of Ralphs-Pugh component parts, 1-800-486-0021

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