Ralphs-Pugh offers a wide array of products and custom component solutions. Materials include aluminum, carbon steel, stainless and galvanized steel. R-P plastic rollers are made from specially formulated Hi-Impact PVC with UV stabilizers. Urethane, PVC, UHMW, and High Density Polyethylene covers with steel reinforcement are available for specialized applications. Shafts are available in various configurations, and numerous bearing styles are available to match specific applications and operating environments. Specialty products include sprocket and grooved rollers for powered systems, urethane tapered rollers, one-way rollers, and troughing units. Components include bushing/end plug inserts and commercial and precision bearing inserts for metal and plastic tubing.

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Roller Selection Criteria:

There are numerous variables to consider when buying a conveyor system or purchasing replacement rollers. To optimize performance and minimize operating costs it's important to select a roller that best matches a conveyor's operating environment.

The following items should be considered to help select a roller that is best suited for the conveyor application.

  • Conveyed Items or Materials.
    • Size / Shape / Weight
    • Surface Characteristics of Materials
  • Operating Environment
    • Temperature / Humidity
    • Exposure to chemicals, liquids, particulate matter (dust, dirt, etc)
    • Travel Speed
    • Roller Loading

Ralphs-Pugh has a broad selection of stock components to allow the designer to customize a roller for a particular application. Descriptions of component options are included in the product category sections. If you have any questions our customer service group is available to assist you.

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