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Ralphs-Pugh metal rollers are available in a wide range of bearings, tubes, and shaft combinations. Typical applications include; Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Chemical, Unit Handling, Bulk Handling, Distribution & Manufacturing. We specialize in all types of conveyor rollers for gravity and powered applications. We can also manufacture custom rollers to your specifications.

Roller Selection Criteria:

To select the right roller for the operating environment, the following items must be considered:

  • Conveyed Items or Materials.
    Size / Shape / Weight
  • Surface Characteristics of Materials
  • Operating Environment
    Heat / Humidity
    Exposure to Chemicals



  • Galvanized Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

Tube Options:

  • Lighter / Heavier Wall Thickness
  • Foam Filled

Tube Cover Options:

  • Urethane Sleeves
  • Urethane Tapers for turns
  • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) for non-marring applications
  • PVC Plastic

Tube Finishes:

  • Polishing
  • Anodizing
  • Electropolishing
  • Passivation of Stainless Steel
  • Other options available upon request.

Drive Options:

  • Sprockets or Grooves
  • One Way Clutch w/ 7/16" Hex or 11/16" Hex Shafts
  • Rulmeca Style Reduced Diameter Sprocket Hub
  • Timing Sprockets
  • Removable Metal Sprocket Hubs
  • V-Guides
  • Poly V Grooves

Shaft Configuration & Materials:

  • Hex, Round - Dual spring loading is standard - Options: Fixed or Loose
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Zinc and Nickel Plating are available.

Shaft Extensions:

  • 9/16” is standard for 3/16“ round to 1/2” round or 7/16“ hex
  • 3/4” is standard for 5/8“ - 11/16” round or hex and larger
  • Measurements are from the hub of the bearing to the end of the shaft on each side


  • Standard is dual spring loaded with shaft depressing to the hub of the bearing

Shaft End Options:

  • Plastic or Urethane Adapters over an Internal Metal Shaft
  • Fixed Shaft, Through Shaft
  • Threaded Ends, Drilled and Tapped Ends
  • Drilled Holes
  • Milled Flats
  • D-Shaft Ends
  • Plastic Flat Caps
  • Shaft Deburring is Standard on all Shaft Ends

Bearings & Bushings:

Commercial Grade / Non Precision:

Plated Steel / Stamped Metal Housings
Designed for light to moderate loads and slower speeds, they contain hardened steel balls and raceways lubricated with light oil. Grease packed bearings may be ordered for driven systems. Example - 22A6
Plated Steel / Plastic Housings
Designed for light to moderate loads, these commercial grade ball bearings have hardened steel balls and machined inner and outer raceways. They are available with light oil or grease lubricant for driven systems. Plastic housings are available in conductive or non-conductive material with or without labyrinth seals. The labyrinth seal(s) provide protection to the bearing from dust, dirt, and airborne contaminants. These bearings are identified by a 2 in the prefix of the part number. Example - 2A6
Stainless Steel / Plastic Housings
Designed for light to moderate loads, commercial grade stainless steel balls and raceways provide an excellent solution for corrosive operating environments. For maximum protection against contamination, some housings are available with labyrinth seal systems. Example - 2A7
Precision Grade / ABEC-1
Designed for higher speeds and heavier loads, ABEC-1 precision bearings are available in chromium steel and optional 440, 304 or 316 stainless steel. ABEC-1 ball bearings and raceways are hardened, precision ground, and incorporate a ball retainer to eliminate bearing to bearing contact. Bearings are factory lubricated. Several seal/shield configurations are offered. Standard configuration is the Non-Contact Rubber Seal (LLB). Options include; the Contact Rubber Seal (2RS) and Non-Contact Metal Shields (ZZ). Bearing housings are available in metal or plastic. Plastic housings are made with conductive or non-conductive materials and available with or without labyrinth seals. Labyrinth seals provide additional bearing protection against dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants. ABEC-1 bearings provide the highest load and speed capabilities, the lowest noise levels, and the longest life span of any available bearing unit.
ABEC-1 Precision bearings in stamped zinc plated metal housings:
Economical alternative to ABEC-1 bearings in plastic housings. These bearing inserts work well in higher load and speed applications while maintaining very low noise levels. The ABEC-1 bearing has
hardened and ground balls and raceways, a ball retainer and is grease packed (25% pack) at the factory. Non-Contact Rubber Seals (LLB) protect the caged ball compliment. The stamped zinc plated housing on some variations incorporates a dust shield for added protection to the precision bearing. The life expectancy of a precision bearing is many times that of a non-precision bearing. For optimum performance and bearing life we recommend the bearing units be swedged into the metal tubes. These bearings have a 33 prefix in the part number. Available for metal tubes only. Example - 33RP
ABEC-1 Precision bearings in Machined metal housings:
The ultimate in load carrying capacity! Ideal for SNUBBER ROLLERS and BELT WRAP ROLLER applications demanding very high loads and limits. The ABEC-1 bearing has hardened and ground balls and
raceways, a ball retainer and is grease packed at the factory. Non-Contact Rubber Seals (LLB) protect the caged ball compliment. The machined metal housings are welded into the tube. A plastic double labyrinth seal system covers the bearing for added protection. The life expectancy of a precision bearing is many times that of a non-precision bearing. These bearings have a 34 prefix in the part number. Available for metal tubes only. Example - 34B9
Non ball bearing style units are designed for low speed, light to medium load applications. Bushing surface materials include; Ultra (Acetal plastic with Teflon Additives), CS2 Acetal, and ABS plastic. Insert materials include nylon, stainless steel and carbon steel. Bushing style rollers are ideal for sanitary, rust and corrosion resistance applications.
Load Capacities
Load capacities listed are based upon length of the roller (IF), actual load ratings for the bearing, tube deflection and shaft deflection for the materials listed. Calculations for load capacities of precision bearings allow for ¾ of 1 degree of shaft deflection while commercial bearings allow for 1 degree of shaft deflection. Shaft deflection will increase as a roller becomes longer and roller loads will decrease substantially as the length of the roller increases. Please note that load capacities listed are for steel shafts. Load ratings for rollers with aluminum shafts must be reduced to 33% of the value listed.
Roller Length
I.F. = Inside Frame distance. This measurement allows 1/16” of free play per side for a total of 1/8” per roller. O.A. = Overall roller length. This is the measurement from bearing hub to bearing hub of the roller. For calculation purposes I.F. –1/8” = O.A.

Ordering Information

Ralphs-Pugh roller numbering system lists the bearing part number first, the tube part number second and the shaft part number last followed by the roller length.

Example 1: Standard Roller
Bearing: ABEC –1 precision bearing in a conductive plastic housing
Tube: 1.90” outside diameter x .065” wall thickness galvanized steel tube
Shaft: 7/16” hexagonal carbon steel spring-loaded shaft
Length: Must fit a frame measuring 18” inside frame distance (I.F.)
Max. Load: Roller must be capable of handling a load of 165 lbs. per roller
Find the metal roller page designating 1.90” x .065" - 7/16” Hex - Use the drop down menu in the top right of this page

Bearing part #: 3A6
Tube part #: G46
Shaft part #: C68
Load per roller: Load capacity chart indicates roller is good up to 237 lbs. per roller
Roller Part #: 3A6.G46.C68 x 18" I.F.
Example 2: Rollers with Options – (Grooves, Sprockets, Covers, Finishes, Special Shaft Lengths or Extensions, etc.)
Check Engineering Data section for specific data, information, or drawings. Inquire with Customer Service.

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