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Sprocket Information

The following data is offered as a guideline only.

The table below can be used to determine the largest tube diameter a particular sprocket can be welded onto and allow the chain to run without hitting the weld. Note the table has columns for tube diameters using a “standard weld” which allows for ½” of chain clearance and a column for “special weld” which allows for ¼” of chain clearance. With a special process it is possible to decrease the height of the weld allowing a smaller sprocket on a larger tube diameter. The formula used for this table is:

P.D. – (1/2H+1/2H+C.C.+C.C.) = Largest tube diameter (S.W. or SP.W.)

P.D. = Pitch diameter of the sprocket
H = Height of the side plate of the chain
C.C. = Chain Clearance – Chain side plate to tube
S.W. = Standard Weld
SP.W. = Special Weld

sprocket infomation table

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